Wickham No. n/a Type 17

Vehicle Details
Maker Wickham
Made at Ware, Hertfordshire, UK
Type 17
Gauge Standard
Works No. not known
Order No. not known
Engine JAP 1100
Engine No. DTZ/F 4366/4
Running No. 900312
Despatched 1931 or earlier
Customer Not Known
Purchased by Trust 7 March 2016
Collected by trust 1 June 2016
Delivered to Store N/A
Trust Collection
Condition This Type 17 has the chain at the opposite end of the spline drive to other Type 17s. This shows that it is from the earliest batches and pre works number 473. Wickham moved it so the driver could observe the chain tension, but it also stopped him getting covered in grease! We believe this is the only trolley left with this early chain drive, hence it is probably the oldest Wickham trolley in the UK (if not the world)
Location Private Storage, Leicestershire

Type 17 pre works number 473

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